Monday, August 27, 2018

Season 3 Prophecies

Every season newbie Christine will make her predictions, or "prophecies" 😉, on what will happen in the show.  Below are her prophecies for Season 3!

Season 3 Prophecies 

  • Tamera will come back in Season 3 
  • The blonde girl who helped Sam out in "The Magnificent Seven" is a supernatural creature
(After S03E12: Jus in Bello) 
  • Lilith has leverage on Bela and she's hired her to steal the Colt / do her work. 
(After S03E16: No Rest for the Wicked)
  • Regarding Sam’s powers, he could potentially use his powers to get Dean out of Hell.
  • We’ll see Ruby again, may come back in a different body.
  • Lilith has power over Ruby, so she’s trying to get Sam to kill her in order to get rid of that power over her.

Below are past predictions that have not been proven true or false...yet: 

Season 2: 

  • (After S02E10: Hunted) Gordon will come back eventually
  • After S02E15: Tall Tales) The Trickster will come back.

Season 1
  • Mary is not dead. She may be another dimension.


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