Monday, June 25, 2018

S02E21: All Hell Breaks Loose Pt. 1 [Special Interview w/ Chad Lindberg]

OMG, literally everything's burning to the ground: Harvelle's Roadhouse, ASH!, the Special Children, and the entire plot of the first two seasons! The first part of the Season 2 finale gets to business to resolve a lot of outstanding questions we've had through a whole lotta explainers from the yellow-eyed demon.

Also, Kristen had an amazing talk with the lovely Chad Lindberg (who plays Ash, AKA Dr. Badass)! So listen in to hear about the audition process for Ash, some interesting background on the character, and Chad's thoughts on Ash's final moments!

This week, we're talking about Season 2 Episode 21, "All Hell Breaks Loose Part One."

Tell us your final thoughts on Season 2 as a whole through this survey and we'll read the results on our Season 2 Wrap-Up Episode!


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