Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Season 2 Prophecies

Season 2 Prophecies 


  • John will die 
  • Bobby will come back as surrogate father
  • Sam and Dean will not be as close because of John’s death,and Bobby will be the mediator
  • Impala will be fixed at the end of season (Jen thinks it’ll turn into Batmobile)
  • (After S02E03: Bloodlust) Vampire Hunter Gordon will come back
  • (After S02E10: Hunted) Gordon will come back eventually
  • (After S02E10: Hunted) A demon made a call with Ava's fiancee's blood
  • (After S02E10: Hunted) Ash told Gordon about Sam’s premonitions, though it may have been on accident
  • After S02E15: Tall Tales) The Trickster will come back.


  • Sarah Blake will come back 
  • Sam and Dean will get a really shitty rental car while they're fixing the Impala 
  • John will go away on John business 
  • Focus of show will change and will learn more about special children
  • Sam and Dean will go back to S1 where they’re not friends because of disconnect over Dad dying
  • Better weapons
  • (After S02E03: Bloodlust) Dean told Vampire Hunter Gordon the truth about Sam while they were drinking
  • (After S02E08: Crossroad Blues) Crossroads demon will come back
  • (After S02E10: Hunted) Jo will come back a badass


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