Monday, October 9, 2017

Dean "Son of a Bitch" Tracker

Wendigo (1.02)
Skin (1.06)
Asylum (1.10)
Route 666 (1.13)
The Bender (1.15)
Something Wicked (1.18)
Salvation (1.21)
In My Time of Dying (2.01)
Simon Said (2.05)
The Usual Suspects (2.07)
Crossroad Blues (2.08)
Hunted (2.10)
Playthings (2.11)
Nightshifter (2.12) ✔✔
Born Under a Bad Sign (2.14) ✔✔✔
Tall Tales (2.15)
Hollywood Babylon (2.18)
All Hell Breaks Loose (2.22) ✔ ✔
Bad Day at Black Rock (3.03) ✔ ✔
Malleus Maleficarum (3.09)
Dream a Little Dream of Me (3.10)
Jus in Bello (3.12)
In the Beginning (4.03) ✔✔✔
Monster Movie (4.05) ✔✔
Yellow Fever (4.06)
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester (4.07) ✔✔
Heaven and Hell (4.10)
Family Remains (4.11)
On the Head of a Pin (4.16)
Total 36


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