Thursday, August 3, 2017

Season 1 Prophecies

Every season newbies, Christine and Jen, will make their predictions, or "prophecies" 😉, on what will happen in the show.  Below are their prophecies for Season 1!

  • Mary is not dead. She may be another dimension.
  • Sam is going to struggle with a new love interest.
  • Dean is going to be the ladies man, while Sam is not going to care too much about the ladies.
  • Sam and Dean are not going to find their Dad.
  • After "Home," John is in some ghostly dimension.


  • Sam and Dean are going to go through the entire season chasing their Dad, and Season Finale, they’re going to think they find him and really, they’re just going to find a big clue.
  • Future seasons, they’re going to find a distant brother or cousin and he’s going to join them
    • “Brother from another dimension that their mother went to” - Christine
  • Dean is going to get into hard drugs (or some sort of Supernatural version) and Sam is going to have to give Dean an intervention.

    We'll see at the end of Season 1 how they did!


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